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Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities often have the undesirable side effect of strong odors that migrate outside of property boundaries. The use of GSA's odor control product, ZK406H, has the beneficial effect of reducing strong odors in addition to the more commonly used cation exchange properties which also eliminates volatile organic compounds(VOC). Facilities using composting or other solid waste disposal methods for recycling the organic components can also use ZK406H to reduce bothersome odors and help retain ammonia and other nutrients in the composted material.

Ammonia is a major issue for the treatment of municipal wastewater. Ammonia levels in municipal wastewater can be reduced to 30-35 ppm through traditional primary and secondary treatment facilities. However, tertiary treatment is required to lower the ammonia concentration below 10 ppm. Polishing columns containing clinoptilolite, a natural zeolite, are commonly used to lower the level of ammonium to acceptable discharge levels. The zeolite beds are regenerated with a sodium elution and have very long bed lives if properly maintained. The GSA products commonly used in this application are ZS403H and ZS500RW.

Significant properties include:

High cation exchange capacity
Selectivity for ammonium cations
Regeneration capability

The size of zeolite used in wastewater polishing filter columns varies according to the design. A size specification of 20 x 35 or 8 x 20 Tyler mesh is typical for this application. Work on enhancing the ammonia specificity of our ZS403H product is underway in a joint project with New Earth Systems which is developing a modular wastewater treatment system for remote subdivisions and golf courses under mandate to use recycled effluents for their facilities.


Work on the use of zeolite powder innoculants in Hungary and New Mexico are available in .pdf format as is the use of granular zeolite at the Truckee Tertiary Waste Water Facility.


All GSA products include a performance guarantee for qualified end users.


For convenient usage, the product is packaged in 50 lb bags, 2,000 lbs per pallet and covered with a pallet jacket for temporary external storage.  It is also available in bulk bags.


For specific questions concerning application, suitability or to place orders contact GSA Resources, Inc. at 1-800-866-4052 or

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